My book “Mind, Heart, Hands” came out a few days ago in Italy and the international media are already talking about it. This is the case of one of the most important radio stations in Spain, Radio Cope, which has also sent correspondents in Italy. Spanish journalists did not miss the publication of my new book by Funtasy Editrice. “Mente, Cuore, Mani” (“Mind, Heart, Hands”) is the first “active book” that tells pope Francis to children, doing it in a creative and innovative way.

Radio Cope, with the journalist Santiago Tedeschi Prades, reached me for an interview, which was broadcasted online and also published on the website, in the “Aleluya” section, where you can listen to the radio interview, with summary in Spanish. This is the translation of the interview titles: “Mind, heart, hands”, the book that explains to the young people who the Pope is: “It was a great challenge”. ‘Aleluya’ also reports that “Roberto Alborghetti, after writing six more books on the Pope, confesses that this was the most difficult to write”.

To listen and read the interview, just click on this Radio Cope link:


“Mind, Heart, Hands” it is surprising editorial novelty: it is the first “active book” that Pope Francis presents to the youngest, to boys and girls in primary school. The subtitle is “How to learn at the school of life” with the words and gestures of the pope taken from a country that is “almost at the end of the world”. Themes and problems of the contemporary world are presented to children and young people through the language of gestures and words.

It is a text that does not fail to surprise, placing itself in the innovative editorial line of Funtasy Editrice, as confirmed by the presentation previews held in Calabria and Puglia. The book talks about the environment, childhood, school, family, play and the use of technology.
The illustrations and graphics are handled by Eleonora Moretti; the photos of Pope Francis were taken by Maria Luisa Alborghetti. Printing is by Tecnostampa Srl, Sutri (VT).

For contacts, bookings of copies and presentation meetings:

The official poster about the new book (illustrations by Eleonora Moretti)


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