Cracks is part of Roberto Alborghetti ‘s Lacer/actions Project, about  the decomposition of torn publicity posters on outside advertisings (realistic and not manipulated images are transferred on canvases, lithographic prints or textiles).

Since 2009 Roberto Alborghetti has been also workin’ on metal, plastic or stony surfaces and platings. So, he entered the wonderful world of Cracks… We are surrounded by cracks… We live in a planet of cracks. And cracks may be considered as a life’s metaphor and “an active aesthetical appreciation” of what we call the disturbing elements of imperfection.

Roberto Alborghetti discovered in cracks magnifications other astonishing and interesting textures in what people usually consider waste materials. Lacer/actions and Cracks are realistic, natural, random and not enhanced images, as you see in this gallery.

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