The atrium and corridors of a school are generally a “showcase” in which works present and express the didactic liveliness that accompanies the activities of the classes in the individual classrooms. So that, especially in the last weeks of a school year, the walls are colored with drawings and posters that tell the school better than any other element. This is also the case in Como (yes, near the Lake) at the Prestino-Breccia Comprehensive Institute, led with great educational passion by the Headmaster Dr. Simona Convenga. It was enough for us to enter the entrance hall of the “Aldo Moro Secondary School”, Via Picchi n ° 6 – one of the poles in which the Institute is divided – to be enveloped by a chromatic wave of graphic and pictorial works that narrate of the creative abilities of pupils.

We were very impressed by the sensitivity and attention to the image and perceptual aspect that the designs communicate. The same large and functional auditorium collects documents that refer to the attention that the Prestino-Breccia Institute has paid to the discourse and the reality of the image, expressed in its various articulations, including the cinematographic one.

Therefore, the corridors and walls, even here in Como, tell how the school is increasingly rooted in the territory, especially in these times, offering signs of hope and concrete gestures of commitment. The Institute directed by Simona Convenga works a lot with local institutions and realities, for which it represents a point of reference.

The same drawings that we see lined up in the atrium are indicative of the spirit and history of a school that “aims to create a living community in which everyone has spaces for mutual recognition. Over the years, the teaching staff has been trained on innovative, experimental and skills teaching, characterized by the design of transversal and multidisciplinary reality tasks. Another goal is the realization of invisible inclusion, that is, the implementation of strategies for well-being and the acquisition of skills also by pupils with special educational needs. Our institute participated in the monitoring of the inclusiveness index, through the INDEX for inclusion, obtaining positive results “.

All this is suggested, with the lightness of the colors, also by the beautiful compositions that we present in this photo gallery, dedicated to pupils of the Como school.


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