Ten years ago, exactly in these days – July 16, 17 and 18, 2010 – my macro photographs went on show in the suggestive and futuristic setting of Oriocenter, one of the largest and most visited shopping centers in Italy. An incredible place: my artworks were placed against the background of the airport and the profile of one of the most beautiful Italian cities, the Upper Town of Bergamo.

Thirty thousand people visited my solo show at Oriocenter (Milano Bergamo Orio Airport). It was a great success and a special occasion to admire and to meet my research years about macro photography on torn and decompoed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, corrosions of industrial and urban materials. During the special event at Oriocenter, I presented 40 artworks (litographies) dedicated to “Four Elements”: water, air, earth and fire”. The claim of exhibition was: “We may see things that we don’t even imagine” .

Meeting people and journalists had the way to know more about my  multidisciplinary project named “laceR/Actions”. For instance, at that time, my artworks pics were taking part of experiences about sensorial and emotional perception (sinestesys) concerning kinesiologic tests.  As reviewers wrote “Alborghetti’s artworks gather and mixes up – in a provocative way – different languages, from street art to video art, passing through music, photography, performances, graphic a.s.o.” The exhibition at Oriocenter was curated by  arch. Giampaolo Biffi; collaborators: Aldo Mapelli (painter) and Alessandro Colombo Building Company. The three days exhibition received a huge attention by medias;  articles and stories were published by newspapers and magazines. Tv Channels  interviewed me showing some of my “laceR/Actions” artworks.

I’d like to report, about the show, what said, by journalist, author and artist Mina Cappussi. She wrote: “Roberto Alborghetti choose to silence words and to let the images tell. LaceR/Actions are really unusual images, so far away from common visions. They are not manipulated images, they are natural images. Alborghetti “spies” advertisings, and all what is ripped, sticked and lacerated paper, mixin’up styles, colors, explicit or subliminal messages. Alborghetti proceeds his research in an ingenious way, re-reading  images and messages in the light of superimposition, like a photoshot with a long time exposure, lettin’ flow emotions, sensations, events that contaminate the original scene. And so, the contamination becomes art, and we have the way to discover new points of view and observation, settin’ free one mind of prejudices and conventional thoughts”.


Ten years ago, in 2010,



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