Monferrato area (Italy): events and shows to celebrate the great master of international sculpture


” Gio Pomodoro, The path of a sculptor: 1954-2001″ is the theme of one of the most important exhibitions devoted to the celebrated Italian sculptor. The show opened on December 7, in Alessandria (Piemonte, Italy) and it will continue in the enchanting Monferrato area. Villas, Palaces and Museums will become a sort of network by which people may approach the works of the great master of international sculpture. The events started in Alessandria and they’ll also reach Acqui Terme, Novi Ligure, Valenza, Tortona and Casale Monferrato.

During the great show, which involves nine venues, will be exhibited 173 works, offering a trip back in cognitive poetics and aesthetics of the monumental and magnificent works of Gio’ Pomodoro, whose intellectual roots, mathematics and philosophy, have been recognized and appreciated throughout the world. The event is sponsored by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Alessandria and by public institution of the Monferrato area. The exhibition is curated by Marco Meneguzzo and Giuliana Godio. In Alessandria, at Palazzo del Monferrato – a rare example of a blend of Baroque and Expressionism – are exhibited, as well as the monumental work “Grande Ghibellina”, 12 bronze, stone and marble sculptures, and a major series of watercolors. Palazzo Guasco Carlo Carra Gallery is hosting 5 bronze and stone sculptures and a series of designs on paper.

At Palazzo Cuttica, now the Civic Museum, are presented small and medium-size sculptures as well as the monumental work “Sole deposto”, that is installed at the entrance of the building. In the courtyard of the Paris Chamber of Commerce is featured another monumental bronze sculpture: “Colloqui con il figlio”. The event is a sort of a great museum spread on Alessandria land. The exhibition is showing Gio’ Pomodoro ‘s genius in sculpture, paintings, watercolors, and jewels. Marco Meneguzzo, events curator, says that Gio’ Pomodoro has been always moved between the absolutes that define the “human” category : the space and history. The events will end in April 30, 2011.




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