Roberto Alborghetti, giornalista e scrittore, è stato ospite di Lucia Ascione, a TV2000,  nel programma “Bel tempo si spera”, dove ha parlato diffusamente del suo nuovo libro “A tavola con Papa Francesco / Il cibo nella vita di Jorge Mario Bergoglio” (pubblicato da Mondadori, in Italia). L’importanza di vivere la tavola come condivisione.


Roberto Alborghetti, journalist and writer, has participated as a special guest at TV2000, in the program “Bel tempo si spera” led by Lucia Ascione. He was interviewed  about his new book, “Dining with Pope Francis / The food in the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio”. The importance of living food and cooking as an experience of meeting and sharing between people.

“Enjoy your meal!” These are the words with which Pope Francis greets the worshippers in his speeches. Few knows the deeper meaning: before becoming Pope, he graduated in Food Chemistry and inherited the passion for food from his mother, grandmother and relatives who owned a restaurant in Piedmont, Italy. In this new book you’ll discover the milestones of the Pope’s life and the dishes related to this main events: you can replicate them at home following the original recipes in the book. A volume that gives a new perspective on the beloved, charismatic figure of Pope Francis.

Lucia Ascione interviews Roberto Alborghetti , TV 2000.

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