This Fall 2022 the planetary launch of the J.Cidel fashion accessories collection (bags, handbags, wallets) bearing the imprint of my macro photographs, chosen exclusively by Jeannie and Johnny Cidel. It is and will be the revolution of color and the usual expressive canons of fashion.


Glad to show you a special preview of the forthcoming spectacular collection by Jeannie and Johnny Cidel, to which I have given my collaboration. The video series shows some images about the artistic luxury handbags created with the subjects of my macro photographs.The collection is almost ready and is already creating great interest in the public.

The video trailer above presents “FIAMMA / FLAME”, a trendy hexagonal-shaped bag for the forever fierce fashionista. Fire is one of the four primordial elements. It has allowed the human being to evolve and reach their own awareness. Each person carries within herself the flame that symbolizes her dignity because we are all One, in the warmth of diversity. The macro photo curated by Roberto Alborghetti, taken from an advertising billboard placed underneath a bridge in Turin, Italy.

Born and created between the United States and Italy, this collection marks a new season in the world of fashion. Color as a style revolution! Jeannie and Johnny Cidel (Florida, USA) have created an extraordinary collection made in Italy, produced in Rimini, by Viale Parma. The bags are made of 100% cotton canvas with polyvinyl coating with the printed. This is the J.CIDEL official website; register to get a preview of all the news and updates:



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