Here we are again in Nottingham – “City of the Rebels” – in the Land of Robin Hood, for The Ghost Bus project and other initiatives such as The Roses of the Year, starting next May. The events were promoted by ACT founded by Marysia Zipser. A great honor for me to be received by Lord Mayor of Nottingham City, Cllr David Trimble who accompanied me on a visit to the beautiful Castle and among the new exhibition rooms, including the Rebellion Gallery which tells of the historic courage and civic passion of the capital city of the Middle Lands of the United Kingdom.

Journalist and photographer Christopher Frost wrote a beautiful article on The Beestonian magazine, https://www.facebook.com/TheBeestonian; he titled it “The ACT of Rebellion”. Cristopher says: “Beeston’s adopted Italian artist and author Roberto Alborghetti has just made another of his flying visits, his seventh to the town since 2014 and to see Marysia Zipser of the ACT Group. He spent this morning in screen 6 at the Arc Cinema being interviewed by Notts TV. It was then on the tram to the city centre, where he was greeted by the current Lord Mayor, Cllr David Trimble by the statue of Robin Hood. Then the group were then escorted to Nottingham Castle to see the results of the improvement works. Roberto was particularly impressed with the ‘Rebellion Gallery’ and announced that we need more rebels these days. In the evening there was an event at the Star Inn, where Roberto chatted about projects he was working on to an invited audience, including an idea about getting youngsters to stop using IT some much and to use their hands instead, and a reinvention of last year’s roses competition. Roberto also mentioned that one of Jeanie Barton’s songs has been turned into an opera version, which should be ready to be released next month. Afterwards there was opportunity to catch up with friends and meet new people over nibbles… We hope it won’t be too long before he is back in the land of Robin Hood”.

. #theghostbus #lerosedellanno #nottingham #beeston


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