A fire that laid waste to Gaudí’s studio at the start of the Spanish Civil War destroyed
countless original drawings, models, and papers that reflected the most unknown facet
of this world-renowned artist. This work comes to light after more than a decade of research, documentation, and shifting through thousands of scattered archives. A unique piece created with the participation of the biggest names in
the Gaudí universe, featuring never-before-published material from the Gaudí Chair and the Sagrada
Familia. ARTIKA presents Gaudí up close, the artist’s book that compiles all the original drawings by the master of Catalan Modernism. This is a worldwide limited edition of only 4,998 copies.

The piece was crafted in a design that evokes the original materials used by the architect in every detail.
It comes in a case featuring the shape of a warrior chimney from La Pedrera, is created only for this edition
and is itself a unique work of art that commemorates an equally unique genius.
Inside is the Art Book, which contains the 48 original drawings of incalculable value. Each is presented in
its original size and highlights the most evocative, richest, most surprising and beautiful details.
It also comes with a Study Book that includes contributions by the world’s top experts in the Catalan
architect, taking a deep dive into Gaudí and his extraordinary legacy. Each page is a treasure trove of
secrets, interesting facts and new perspectives on the artist’s work.
Three of Gaudí’s greatest original drawings are showcased separately in full format in archival envelopes
in the architect’s folder.

ARTIKA‘s twenty-seventh major work
With this latest release, ARTIKA helps unveil an unprecedented but fundamental facet of Gaudí’s creative
process. ARTIKA is a publishing house that specialises in carefully handcrafted limited-edition artist’s
books. Its collection includes several international artists and a range of contemporary works, inspiration
for exploring the essence of what each has to offer. The conceptualisation, design, materials, and creation
of previously unpublished or obscure editions is the cornerstone of ARTIKA’s editorial vision.
ARTIKA took its first step in its unwavering dedication to art and publishing exclusive artist’s books in 2003
with a book about artist Salvador Dalí. Since then, ARTIKA has published books on the greatest masters
in the history of art, including Botero, Plensa, Barceló, Cabellut, Tàpies, Picasso, Van Gogh, Sorolla, Antonio
López, Miró, Chillida, Dalí, Toulouse-Lautrec, Goya and Rembrandt
, crafting a unique collection that now
boasts 27 works.


  1. This looks like a beautiful edition made with a great deal of care. I looked at the website and the box and sculpture are almost works of art. How nice it would be to see a copy for real. They don’t advertise the price and I suspect it would cost many hundreds of pounds/euros to buy. Nice to see that book editions are still being crafted and hand finished.

      1. I know an artist who published a book of drawings a few years ago and despite the edition being 4000 books he wanted the book to have some hand made quality. He decided to hand screen print the wrap round covers (front, back and spine)!!! Hand pulling 4000 screen prints was definitely a labour of love. I spoke to someone recently who had a copy of the book and they had no idea the cover had been hand printed!
        I enjoyed seeing the work that has gone into the Artika book package. Not only is it, as you say, made with hands and heart but feels appropriate and respectful to Gaudi and his legacy.
        Have a great week too… 🙂👍📸


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