There is a wonderful and “pop”  balloon flying over the skies of Italy. It is contained in the pages of a special book, which I had the honor to write, illustrated by Eleonora Moretti. This yellow-red-blue balloon is capturing the attention of many Italian children. The drawings you see in this gallery are just some of the thousands created and made in the Italian schools that have adopted the book, which is part of a series of eight publications called AlbumOne. The first of the eight stories is titled “Adventures aboard the balloon“.

AlbumOne is the first title published by “Funtasy / Le edizioni del Divertimente” for being at the center of school activities – suggested age: from 4 to 7 years – or a family reading. The stories were conceived and presented as an instrument to be “put into the hands” of teachers and children.
AlbumOne is not just a book, but a real work tool, to be built week after week, together with children. It is an invitation to raise our eyes to new horizons. To the rhythm of stories. A “magic” that AlbumOne wants to communicate, spread, develop, with the colors and the language of fantasy.

The cover of the book

How is AlbumOne made? It is built in a simple and at the same time innovative way. First of all it has a square format that – it is scientifically proven – favors a better posture, greater concentration, an harmony of gestures and a better and more rational use of the space-sheet.
Then there is the yellow-red-blue story, which is part of a series of eight I written. They are stories that I created and built in dialogue with my daughter, during her childhood years, between 4 and 7 years. So, they are stories for life and about life, friendly and empathetically suggestive, born in the fun and in the game of asking questions. Stories that are always connected to the same experiences of the child, to the moments of his growth, to his small difficulties, to his discoveries.
Each story is presented in episodes, over the various pages. And each episode suggests questions, paths, perspectives, drawings to be made on white sheets, spaces to be filled in full freedom, reliving and re-interpreting the various scenes of the story. Always experiencing the discovery of new words, in an exciting and entertaining lexical enrichment.
From page to page, from month to month, the yellow-red-blue story will produce and suggest other stories, which will remain so “carved” in the pages of AlbumOne, which will become an unmissable document and diary of the first years of life. A document to be kept, to be given to parents, at the end of the school year.

  • The drawings of the photogallery were made by the children of the following schools: Scuola Primaria De Mattias, Frosinone; Istituto Comprensivo  Cassano-De Renzio, Bitonto (BA); Istituto Comprensivo Pontecorvo 2, Pontecorvo (FR); Istituto Comprensivo Veroli 2, Veroli (FR).


  • For infos, contact and acquisition of international publication rights: Funtasy Edizioni,




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