Until next August 20, there is the opportunity to visit in Turin, at MIIT Museum (Corso Cairoli 4), the “TEMPO. MEMORIA: Daring to Dream Again” exhibition. The project is curated by Sergio Gomez (curator and owner of Art NXT Level Project/33 Contemporary Gallery) with the Cultural relations partnership by Renèe LaVerne Rose (ACS Publisher and Editor in chief). The exhibition explores the themes of TIME and MEMORY from a variety of world perspectives. From cultural, political, psychological, religious, or personal view points, curator Gomez invited a selective group of international artists to visually articulate and interpret to their discretion ideas of time passing, memory, dreams and our personal perceptions on such concepts.

The exhibition features twenty-five extraordinary visual artists representing the United States (Chicago, Illinois, New York City, Miami, Florida), Mexico, Korea, Philippines, Peru, Germany and Iran. This international exhibition invites the viewer to an exploratory journey experiencing global interpretations of TIME and MEMORY while reflecting on their own personal emotions and memories.

The MIIT is a new museum exhibition space created by Guido Folco and located in the heart of the city of Turin, Italy, in an ancient palace of the 1700’s and in a fervent neighborhood of galleries, museums and foundations. It is strategically located a few steps from the Egyptian Museum, the National Museum of Cinema at the Mole Antonelliana, Palazzo Madama, the MAAO Museum of Oriental Art, the Royal Palace, the GAM and to all major cultural and tourist attractions of the capital. The word “MIIT” in some foreign languages, evokes the idea of “meetings” cultural and artistic, recovering from the English word “meet” and the German “mit” the sense of sharing and exchange of experiences and knowledge. Partners and collaborators of the MIIT include museums, foundations, academies, auction houses, universities, galleries and public and private collections, archives of historical art, the Italian Cultural Institutes around the world, and the Italian company Made in Italy which the MIIT and its monthly magazine “Italia Arte” have established working relationships and cultural connections over the years.



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