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In early October, oil and gas company Repsol will begin exploratory drilling in the Canary Islands in an attempt to bolster the Spanish economy. Environmentalists and locals in Spain are calling foul on this practice, as the drilling could devastate not only the tourism economy, but also the rich population of whales and dolphins who call this place their home. Tell the Spanish government to stop this oil prospecting and instead create a sanctuary to protect these wild and majestic creatures.

The waters off of the islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are jeopardized by oil drilling. One-third of the world’s cetacean species call this place home, and the possibility of an oil spill, loud noises, and contamination could devastate all species. A vast majority of Spanish citizens oppose oil drilling, stating their love for the environment and wildlife, and expressing concern toward tourism. In 2011, several whales in the region were found dead from noise pollution and other factors. These deaths inspired the environmental minister to pitch the idea of making the waters a protected sanctuary—an idea that has rallied many citizens.

Unfortunately, Spain’s own Supreme Court threw out many challenges, as the country is eager to jump-start its economy. Spain relies heavily on tourists to drive the economy, and while many citizens understand this, the government doesn’t seem to. Respol is trying to calm citizens, stating that it is only looking for oil in the area. If oil is found, Respol claims it will openly discuss what is to be done with concerned citizens and government officials.

Respol is only concerned with profits, but many citizens are concerned for their economy and the lives of whales. While the company can claim that it is merely looking for oil, it will no doubt pursue drilling if oil is found. Respol does not care for the whales and dolphins in the area, and it seems like the government doesn’t either. Urge the Prime Minister of Spain to stop oil prospecting, and instead create a sanctuary for whales and dolphins.

I been in the beautiful and wild Fuerteventura. Local people and associations have raised protests. Greenpeace told that the planned oil spill – located in deep waters, at 3000 meters – would required 500 boats to act immediately in order to contain it. Fuerteventura doesn’t have the structure to be able to defend itself immediately against such a disaster…   

Natalia Evora, Environment and Trasports Councillor in Fuerteventura, said to “Fuerteventura Magazine Hoy” : “First of all we must remember that in 21st Century we must speak of energies that do not pollute and we therefore think oil has become an obsolete industry… We must take into account the great damage and risks that this would create in our marine element, for biodiversity and for tourism…The Islands that are Biosphere Reserves, such as Fuerteventura, are creating another energy model and not one that is already being eliminated in many countries because of the problems it has created… An oil spill would immediately close the desalination plants that provide the water we consume”.



Dear Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy,

I urge you to stop oil prospecting in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. These waters are home to one-third of the world’s whales and dolphins, and if oil prospecting were to occur here, it would endanger their lives. Furthermore, oil drilling would hurt your nation’s economy, as it is mainly driven by tourism. If the whales and dolphins were to die because of the noise pollution and oil spills, it would no doubt cause severe harm for your nation’s economy.

Many of your citizens are against oil prospecting, and it baffles me that your Supreme Court would even consider backing this endeavor. While I understand that your economy is struggling, it does not give your government the right to harm living creatures. Consider the harm you will be doing not only to your whales and dolphins, but to the environment and your people if you pursue oil drilling.


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