Dandelion winds

    Swirl April blossoms wildly.

    Tangos in the night.


Space drips, light bends gold.

     Lavender boughs lift lightly.

     Birth swirls around me.


Morning lamplight glows.

    Shadow curtains lace the glass.

    Drip dot April blooms.


© Artwork Copyright Roberto Alborghetti

© Poem Copyright~Meredith



These beautiful and evocative verses created by fellow blogger Meredith – healingminds@WordPress.com – begin a four compositions series titled “Dreams & Lacer/actions: Therapeutical Haiga. This collaborative project, born from the web, delivered in this post, also celebrates my One Year Anniversary at WordPress: I began this blog exactly one year ago on May 9, 2011.

Meredith – who lives in Lafayette, Indiana (Usa) – shared a preview about my most recent images I took from torn posters and cities walls during my trips in Netherlands and Italy. And she began to create verses…            

Meredith wrote this note about this creative experience: “I sit and sit with words, slips of paper, and dreams. Several thoughts came together on this picture, so far. I see a dancer, the dazzle of her dress made brilliant by a stage light.  Her lavender skirting and stage dust shake the brilliance of movement in all directions. Also, the soft, vibrant gold reminds me of Gustav Klimt. It’s like a view from beyond a pane of glass, spotted with raindrops. The warm glow of lamplight in early morning.  A rumpled quilt of lilac blooms splatter lavender shimmers in the early light of day. These are some of my thoughts, so far… These photos bring dreams!”

The first “Lacer/actions” art piece which inspired Meredith’s verses comes from an Amsterdam street. It’s a realistic, natural and not manipulated or enhanced image. My eyes found it near a door where someone probably (and carelessly) left paint drops…

Now that spontaneous and casual scene has become a visual art piece suggesting beautiful and fascinating verses: I thank  Meredith for this collaboration which is also a particular experimentation based on colors, images, words, thoughts, emotions and sensorial perception. Yes, pictures for healingminds…


Meredith (www.healingminds.wordpress.com) writes from a rich text based in theater, art, and design training. Also rooted from the soil of personal experience, Meredith writes about mental health and its challenges; her value of developing creative pursuits as part of the equation for living a satisfying life in the face of mental illness and recovery include yoga, dance, writing, and photography. 

Meredith’s professional background began in directing and choreography.  Her education in dance and theater lent equal weight to creating movement and learning projects for school children, grades K thru 12, and mentoring independent theater projects for high school students. When mental illness changed the landscape of her life, Meredith returned to school and redirected her passions toward quieter pursuits in architectural design.  Most recently, her love for writing and well-being generate roomy, new ideas about beauty and life, and she writes about mindful living from a deeper understanding.


  1. Birth is a time of celebration. Celebrating birth with another birth is the way of Roberto. This collaboration is one example of what the joy of being an artist is all about.

    È bella la vita!



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