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I been recently in Holland. I travelled along the country, from Brabant region to Amsterdam. I love the dutch landscapes, they’re so relaxing… I saw obviously  torn posters and other urban signs that I like to catch and to document for my “Lacer/actions” art project. It happened in Eindhoven, Utrecht and Leiden. And also along Amsterdam streets and canals I captured lot of images, absolutely realistic, as all the others 35.000 pics I collected so far.

I think the beautiful dutch city reveals itself also through ripped poster and ads you may see in hidden corners. You have only to keep up your attention and perception… I gathered interesting and capturing imageries that are really part of colors, shapes and moods of the so called “Venice of Northern Europe”.

So, here some of my artworks comin’ from my personal open air art gallery that I discovered and managed along Amsterdam streets. With a special series of other 6 images I’ve also created a videoclip – “Light (de)signs” – with the fascinating sound of Jap Jap, an Amsterdam based composer, musician, producer and performer (link below).

Roberto Alborghetti  






    1. Thank you very much for your warm comment!
      Yes, Holland and Amsterdam are beautiful, also under the perspective of my artworks.
      My compliments for your blog and thanks for keepin’ up the value of Poetry!
      All the best.
      Roberto Alborghetti – Italy

  1. I’m curious — is your approach to lacer/actions a ‘found art’ approach, or is it more active? In other words, are lacer/actions more like “as is” photographic captures, or do you tear the posters actively?

    These are as stunning and compelling as ever! 🙂

    1. Hi, you have pointed out the essence of my work.
      No, I don’t tear away the torn posters, but I like to show them like they are.
      Sometimes it happens that the ripped paper is detached because of rain or wind. In this case I like to collect it and to keep it.
      I wrote about this argument in my booklet-portfolio. My personal opinion is that torn posters have to remain on the walls or billboards, because that is their natural urban context. It’s up to us to discover what they are hiding…

      Thank you for your kind appreciation and if you’re interested to deepen the theme I’ll be glad to send you my text (published in Italian with the English translation). Roberto

      1. That is even cooler than I realized then! 🙂 That you find them this way and they’re insightful captures… even more amazing! Your work then, is an example of one of my favorite functions of art — to show us the beauty in the world we are missing; that we just walk past every day without noticing. Bravo!

    1. Thank you so much for your generous comment and encouragement!
      I do what I like. And I love to watch and to see all what is around us.
      Thank you to share with me your beautiful posts, always so full and rich of beauty and love for art!
      Have a nice day!
      Roberto – Italy

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