Farewell to Elizabeth, the Queen.

A bit of our history goes away with her. The one that began at school, when you met her – Her British Majesty, symbol and representative of the United Kingdom – in textbooks and during English lessons. Elizabeth, the Queen of scarves and cute hats. The elegant Queen, her speeches in Parliament, respectful of the prerogatives of the governments and prime ministers (no less than fifteen) who settled in Downing Street. And in your mind you unite the Queen with the image of the United Kingdom, its fashions, its culture, its role on the world stage. So, long live England! And when you were very young, your dream was to be there, in London, and imagining to station around Buckingham Palace, hoping to see her dart along the Mall, the scene of unforgettable royal parades.

Goodbye Elizabeth, proud and austere Queen, a strong woman in defense of institutions, the emblem of that constitutional monarchy which is an example of democracy, respect, tolerance, despite all the difficulties of the times and contemporaneity. We will miss her, Elizabeth.

In participating in the condolences of her people, we like to remember her with three images. First of all with her personal banner identifying the role of head of the Commonwealth: it is made up of the golden and crowned letter “E” (Elizabeth’s initial), surrounded by a garland of roses and gold leaves, on a blue background. Then with the image of a rose, the one that Elizabeth dedicated to the Duke Prince Philip of Edinburgh: it is the beautiful “Shrub Rose”. The Sovereign loved the Roses, those same roses that are the theme of the extraordinary initiative “The Roses of the Year” which for two years has been promoted internationally by the United Kingdom and Italy, through ACT Group and OKAY!

Finally, we remember her with one of the most fascinating and majestic portraits that they could ever dedicate to her: the painting created in 1970 by John Townsend and kept at the historic Council House in Nottingham.

Three images, to be close to Elizabeth’s people, who now weep for her, because they lose a bulwark founded on the rock.


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