© Roberto Alborghetti

Since the beginning of humanity there have always been those who have tried to read the clouds, the sky, the stars of the night, the signs of the earth. In practice, what is part of one’s inner world has always been projected onto the outside, in search of security, explanations, reassurance.

I have always been fascinated by the behavior of Leonardo Da Vinci who advised his students to carefully observe the stains on the old and dirty walls, or to see and scrutinize the marbled stones, in order to see landscapes, battles, heads, figures, shapes.

In practice, the great Leonardo advised his students to take part in what today, in various fields of knowledge, is called a “projection”. Moreover, the human being needs to know himself and to develop his interiority through external stimuli (and the experience of the “test” as a psychodiagnostic tool will also arise from this).

The image (above) was captured on a gate during a nice walk in the delightful Santo Spirito village, on the sea, near Bari (Apulia, Italy) once belonging to the municipality of Bitonto. What do you see in the image with the scratches and cracks of an old gate?Welcome to the “projection” game!

L’immagine è stata catturata su un cancello durante una bella passeggiata nel delizioso borgo Santo Spirito, sul mare, vicino a Bari, un tempo appartenente al comune di Bitonto. Che cosa si vede nell’immagine con i graffi e le crepe di un vecchio cancello? Buon esercizio di proiezione (psicologica)!


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