New appointment with rare vinyls (records, 33 rpm albums or the so-called “singles”, 45 rpm records): real cult objects, as well as the covers design, to hold in your hands and caress , as today unfortunately cannot be done with digitally downloaded music.

We have previously dealt with the first 33-rpm triple albums in record and musical history, for the year 1970. That is: Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack and More (May 1970) and George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass (November 1970), a member of the legendary Beatles, the first triple studio album released by a solo artist (the triple Woodstock was in fact a compilation). But 1970 is a very important year, we would say a turning point, for the discography and the history of rock and pop music.

In that year – 50 years ago – were released albums which, in the original versions, now hold great value, on several levels, as well as being considered milestones in the development of modern discography. In the photogallery here are the covers of unforgettable albums, such as John Barleycorn must die by Traffic, like the terrifying Vertigo 33 rpm performed by Uriah Heep, Very ‘eavy Very’ umble. And how can we forget, of that year, Deep Purple with that Deep Purple in Rock which is object of worship right from the cover modeled on the sculptures of the four US presidents portrayed in the rock of Mount Rushmore, a national monument in South Dakota. Then, there is one of the masterpieces of the English singer-songwriter Cat Stevens, Teaser and the Firecat. And the unmissable and extraordinary album by Emerson, Lake & Palmer: the new rock that seeks new expressive horizons. Look: covers of great creative value and singular beauty. Rock, in 1970, gave design and image lessons.

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