“Dark night /Snowflakes and frost / Before the New Day”: an “Haiku” to spread my Season’s Greetings throught an experience of visual art that fuses macro photography, words and music. The text wants to express with the language of the Haiku the difficulties of the present moment we are experiencing (dark night, frost and snow) in a perspective of trust and hope (the new day) represented by the red-orange stripe in the center of the image which, I remember, it’s not a painting, but a photo of a detail left on the surface of a billboard by a torn advertising poster.

The image (a macro photo printed on lithograph, 70×50, framed) is part of my Lacer/actions project and research and it’s a detail of a torn and decomposed publicity poster. The picture was also shown at Aldobrandesca Fortress (Piancastagnaio,Tuscany, Italy) during my solo exhibition (2012-2013). For the videoclip I choose as soundtrack a beautiful “a cappella” song (“Ark the Herald Angels Sing”)  by TONIC SOL-FA. 


Macro Photo on Lithograph, From Solo Exhibition “Roberto Alborghetti, Colors of an Apocalypse”, 2012-2013


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