BLOOD MOON COLLAGE © Roberto Alborghetti
© Roberto Alborghetti

“THE BLOOD MOON SHINES ACROSS THE VALE…” is a quote from the opening phrase of the song “House of a thousand guitars” written by Bruce Springsteen and recorded by the great American artist on his latest album “Letter to you”. It seemed like the perfect comment for my artwork “Blood Moon” (the Red Moon). The piece is a collage; it has a diameter of 79 centimeters and was created on a round table, precisely to evoke the same shape as the moon. As in all my collage works, the artwork is all done with waste paper from torn and decomposed advertising posters.

The compositional process is articulated in the phase of de-construction of the paper material (collected at the billboards) and its re-composition in a unitary scene using small pieces of waste paper. The theme of the round collage is dedicated to the red moon and its eclipse. I imagined that the Moon, the satellite that has always lived in symbiosis with the Earth (and the Earth with the Moon) in its becoming red vivified the Earth and gave it vitality, color, light and energy. I liked playing on the contrast between dark and light, between dark and colored papers, in a wave of colors that recalls the movement of the works of vorticism.

  • “Blood Moon” (the Red Moon), Collage made of waste paper of decomposed publicity posters. Created on a round table, diameter 79 cms. Lacer/action project by Roberto Alborghetti. For info: okayredazione@gmail.com

© Roberto Alborghetti


  1. What a wonderful collage 🙂 There is even a star in the sky…
    I like that it’s made from waste that you collected from billboards, while you are out taking your photographs. It repurposes the paper into something far removed from the intentions of it’s life on a billboard. Something more meditative and considered. I guess the subtext to a lot of your work is our relationship to waste materials and the planet and to seeing the wonders, large and small that surround us. I imagine it was a satisfying project to work on.
    I make collages from images taken from old (waste!) magazines. Generally I make collages which entirely cover packages which have gifts inside. I leave no opening for the recipient to access the contents which leaves them with a dilemma and decision to make about where or how to get into the package, if at all!!! I really enjoy making them and often the person receiving it will open the package with care so that it can be re-used instead of thrown away. That way the collage takes on a new life and is often re-used again as it is passed onto people I have never met and who will not know how or why the collage was made or by who…! Materials that were waste take on a new life bringing a smile to those who receive them.
    Keep up your great work.
    Stay safe out there, best wishes, Mr C 🙂

    1. Dear Mr C, I thank you for the deep and detailed thought you sent me. I must tell you that your words have also expressed the ecological concept that is linked to my project. I am convinced that nothing is destroyed, but everything is recreated. It is nature itself that tells it to us! Environmental issues have always affected my career as a journalist. I graduated as a journalist on the environment themes (and in this regard I received a prestigious European Award, European Award for Environmental Reporting). Therefore, my photographic research also goes in this direction. I congratulate you on the idea of ​​wrapping gifts with artistic collages! Really great idea. If you have not already done so, I suggest you to photograph these gift packages, because they are really a curious and interesting thing, which can give you ideas for other wonderful posts! Thanks again and I wish you to do well in every area of ​​life! Greetings from Italy!


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