“I see with an eye that feels, I feel with a hand that sees” (J. W. Von Goethe).

A few years ago, the images of my artistic project “Lacer/actions” were used to offer groups of people a sort of psychological game, in order to provoke thoughts, comments, emotions, moods. I must say that, from what I was told, the results were surprising. No, it was not a Rorschach test, but my macro photographs simply stimulated personal and collective stimuli, ideas, feelings and memories.

To tell the truth, this did not surprise me, and it still does not surprise me. All this, in fact, was and is at the origin of my research activity concerning everything that is part of the process of decomposition of matter and materials: paper, glues, natural corrosions, scratches and cracks, industrial stuff… These images strike, above all, above all myself. Therefore, it is understandable that they then also reach the hearts and minds of others. They are not paintings or digitally manipulated pictures. The are simply photos of the world around us. That world that often we do not perceive or observe. A world which can reveal something about what we feel inside…

Some interesting facts are demonstrated by the same workshops that, in some schools, are promoted bringing the kids to “play” with the images I made. It is a fun game, which pushes creativity and the desire to express oneself, telling oneself with words, talking about shapes and colors. Yes, pure chromotherapy.

It is a special game, which I like to propose, in this month of June 2020. Every day, here on my Blog, you will find an image, in the form of a card: 30 cards for a month. I propose an instrument, a means. You can add the rest yourself in terms of thoughts, moods, questions, reactions, ideas, moods. So play your game. And may the creativity be with you!


As you see above, the last 5 cards comes from The Ghost Bus project, promoted in Nottingham (UK) with ACT Group (founded by Marysia Zipser) and Bartons Garage. I discovered the Ghost Bus in Beeston, at  Bartons huge garage of vintage buses and cars. I was really impressed by one of the oldest buses, a piece of history of English public transport: it’s a URR 865 vehicle AEC Reliance made in 1956! Simon Barton told me that a vehicle-sister of the   “ghost bus” was documented in 1959 on a wonderful and unmissable film telling a beautiful journey through Italy by a group of English ladies and gentlemen. So, I took lot of macro photos around and inside the “ghost bus”… The project includes also short movies for public performances and video shows, a cards series (reproducing 16 artworks selected from the 109 ones that has been created) and a collection of canvases.

For infos:


S U G G E S T E D   L I N K S :

Interested in this amazing image project? Exclusive unique and original copies are available! They are artworks that only you can exclusively have, keep and use. For info:


“Vedo con un occhio che sente, sento con una mano che vede”. J.W.Von Goethe

Qualche anno fa, le immagini del mio progetto artistico “Lacer/azioni” vennero utilizzate per proporre a gruppi di persone una sorta di gioco psicologico, al fine di provocare pensieri, commenti, emozioni, stati d’animo. Devo dire che, da quanto mi riferirono, i risultati furono sorprendenti. No, non era un test alla Rorschach, ma semplicemente le mie macro fotografie andavano a suscitare stimoli, idee, sensazioni e ricordi personali e collettivi. La cosa, a dir la verità, non mi sorprese, e non mi sorprende tuttora. Tutto ciò, infatti, era ed è all’origine di questa mia attività di ricerca riguardante tutto ciò che fa parte del processo di decomposizione della materia e dei materiali. Queste immagini colpiscono, prima di tutti, soprattutto me stesso. Dunque, è comprensibile che poi arrivino anche al cuore e alla mente degli altri. Lo dimostrano anche gli stessi laboratori che, in alcune scuole, sono stati organizzati portando i ragazzi a “giocare” con le immagini da me realizzate.

E’ un gioco divertente, che spinge la creatività e la voglia di di esprimersi, raccontandosi con le parole oppure con altre immagini. Un gioco speciale, che mi piace proporre, in questo mese di giugno 2020. Ogni giorno, qui sul mio Blog, troverete una immagine, sottoforma di una carta. Io metto a disposizione un mezzo. Il resto – pensieri, umori, reazioni, idee, stati d’animo – mettetelo voi. Dunque, fate il vostro gioco. E che la creatività possa liberarsi dentro di voi!



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