Today, May 6, 2020, is the World Kids Colouring Day, an initiative that for 12 years has wanted to invite young people to express themselves with drawings and graphic works, to send a message of hope and trust to the world. So these drawings happen by the way: the extraordinary butterfly-kites! They were created for the “The day Cattivirus ended ko” initiative by the pupils of Maiuri Primary School, Classes 4e C and D, Comprehensive School 4, Frosinone; DS prof. Giovanni Guglielmi, coordinating teacher: Simonetta Ferrera.

The starting point for this activity was given by a story in episodes “The day Cattivirus ended ko” that I created in recent weeks. The story met great interest by the Italian schools. The story tells of Cattivirus (which means Badvirus) and how personal behaviors are fundamental in beating the infection. The story will soon be collected in a book-album, so that it can be used in normal school activities when they start again after the pandemic.

Congratulations indeed to the guys from Frosinone for these colorful drawings: they are a touching expression of hope and trust released today across the skies of Italy and of the world, on the occasion of this World Kids Colouring Day. Because, as Wolfgang Goethe said, “Human beings need color, just as the light”. So, let the color defeat the virus! Win! Win! Win!


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