New video: Sixty seconds to remember the Italian Day of Liberation (April 25) from nazi-fascism and as tribute of hope to Italy in the days of covid-19 . My abstract and visual works – they’re macro photos of ripped and decomposed publicity posters on outdoor billboards – for a chromo and musical experience remembering April 25, 1945… I de-structured and re-structured the colors of the Italian flag (white, red and green) as a tribute to the dream of freedom comin’ from a Nation and from a People.

© Roberto Alborghetti


Sessanta secondi per ricordare la Giornata della Liberazione italiana dal nazifascismo e come tributo di speranza all’Italia nei giorni difficili del covid-19. Le mie opere astratte e visive – sono macro foto di manifesti pubblicitari strappati e decomposti su cartelloni pubblicitari all’aperto – per un’esperienza cromo musicale che ricorda il 25 aprile 1945 … Ho destrutturato e ri-strutturato i colori della bandiera italiana (bianco, rosso e verde) come omaggio al sogno di libertà proveniente da una nazione e da un popolo.

WhiteRedGreen 1


2 pensieri riguardo “WHITE, RED, GREEN: FOR ITALY (PER L’ITALIA, 25 APRILE 2020

  1. Happy Liberation Day! I have a small connection to this day. In 1944, my stepfather was nearly killed in Italy by a “Bouncing Betty,” a German mine that pops up out of the ground before exploding. When I was a child he told me where it happened but it was a place I’d never heard of. I have forgotten and he passed in 1969. I hope the world understands the damage and misery caused by nazi and fascist ideology. Thanks for highlighting this day of remembrance. Stay safe!

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful testimony concerning your relative. I think it is important to keep the memory of history and ensure that it can be of help to the new generations. After 76 years, it is nice to thank those who helped our Country to get out of the war and to plan a new future for the freedom of peoples and nations. Thanks for your moving words!


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