In Italy last 7 February 2020 was the annual day that calls the Italian school to reflect on the phenomena of bullying and cyber bullying. A theme, this, which is at the center, all year round, of the meetings on my book “Social or dis-social?” (Funtasy Editrice) which has now involved more than 30,000 students from schools throughout Italy. And precisely from the schools – where the book is the subject of meetings, reflections and experiences – come the messages and drawings I propose in this photo gallery. They are messages that invite to reflect: the web, social networks and school need to be places of dialogue, meeting and growth, where there is no place for bullies and bullying of any kind.

For info on activities and initiatives related to my book “Social or dis-social?”: Funtasyeditrice@gmail.com


  1. Bullying has gone world wide.
    It’s out of control. In schools, work offices; over the internet.
    And, now families are getting arrested for bullying members of their own kin.
    It’s now hard to ignore the bullies.
    We must do something.
    This has got to stop.

  2. Sadly, bullying seems to be a pandemic like the coronavirus! My heart goes out to anyone who’s bullied and I feel their pain because I’ve been there! But thank goodness I made it out of it quite well! I’m now a happy and confident wife, mother and grandmother with an awesome family, a blog, advocacy and 4 published books!

    If you’re bullied, know that you can come out of it a winner. You don’t have to live a life of loneliness and misery! There’s always hope!

    1. Thank you so much Cherry for the significant comment! Bullying at school is a problem that affects society in every area of ​​the world. In my meetings with students I always say that it is a matter of culture and education, to be developed first of all in the family. And it is a problem to be solved in school age, otherwise we will see persons who will be bullies for the rest of their lives, in all fields! Best regards from Italy.


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