© Roberto Alborghetti

Each season has its colors. But what colors does winter have? Easy to answer, just look around … The torn advertising posters also have winter colors. So, through my macro photos  I tried to imagine a color palette … Yes, trails of snow and ice, in exclusive for my LaceR/Actions research, which is a multidisciplinary project about the apparent chaos of ripped and decomposed posters and urban/street signs. Transferred on canvas, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles (as pure silk), re-built on collages or scanned in videoclips, the images of torn and decomposed posters give new life to paper lacerations and matter decomposition, as you may see in this gallery showing some of the 120.000 pics captured around the world. Remember, these are not paintings… They are macro photos of the real word around us. 

For information and acquisition of unique and original copies of the artworks:

Ogni stagione ha i suoi colori. Ma che colori ha l’inverno? Facile rispondere, basta del resto guardarsi attorno… Anche i manifesti strappati della pubblicità hanno colori invernali. Ho quindi provato ad immaginare una tavolozza di colori… Sì, scie di neve e di ghiaccio…


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