Here are three images from my “Lacer/actions” project-research. They were taken exactly 10 years ago, but I think they retain all their amazing energy. Obviously, these images are not paintings, but photographs. They refer to billboards, which I saw by chance along the roads. Yes, these are not collages built and created deliberately with my hands, joining and sticking piece by piece, but a real, “natural” and completely collage. It’s  the result of various and different overlaps – which took place over weeks and months – of advertising publicity posters with different contents. 

I was lucky enough to catch and store them to my “Lacer/actions” archive which now counts more than 100,000 images  I fixed and collected around the world. I think that these random works, as well as the thousands I have captured and documented so far, would really aroused the envy of Mimmo Rotella and  Jacques Villeglè… These artists worked advertising posters snatching them from the billboards. But I think that a way of artistic expression is instead to document pure reality through photography. And leave the incredible polychromy of torn posters on the walls, transforming the cities streets in public and free outdoor “galleries”… 


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