In this new videoclip you may see some abstract photos of Drip Artworks. They’re not paintings, but just random and not manipulated pictures I saw  in Sicily (Isola delle Femmine). They are part of my Lacer/actions Project and Research about decomposition of outdoor publicity, natural cracks and scratches, urban nd industrial matters. Soundtrack by Audiomachine : “Solace” (Out Standing). 


Drip painting is a form of abstract art in which paint is dripped or poured onto the canvas. This style of action painting was experimented with in the first half of the twentieth century by such artists as Francis Picabia, André Masson and Max Ernst, who employed drip painting in his works The Bewildered Planet, and Young Man Intrigued by the Flight of a Non-Euclidean Fly (1942).  Ernst used the novel means of painting Lissajous figures by swinging a punctured bucket of paint over a horizontal canvas.

I did it simply… taking pictures to the world around us. In fact, there is in a natural, random and spontaneous dripping left and created by the times, by the passages of time…by the weather…   

© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions
© Roberto Alborghetti – Lacer/actions


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