b DSCN0006 (640x480)  For what it’s worth, may I be so presumptuous to share a thought. I think the Ghost Bus Project is about Time.

So often it is time which robs us of our memories and our faculties: to be able to function in the same way we once were able to. The archive film gives us back those memories, a glimpse of the past. But the bus itself has also travelled through time, and like its passengers has also been robbed of many of its faculties. Yet time is also our travelling companion as it takes us on a journey to discover what lies beneath the outer surfaces. Time is stripping back the layers to reveal other landscapes in a different dimension. It’s as if time is moving in two directions and where the two cross is where you find the Ghost Bus. It’s a curious contradiction. In this instance, the bus is the zeitgeist, the receptacle from which these images and emotions spring.

b DSCN0014 (640x480)

There were all sort of secondary thoughts about Roberto’s images not being abstract because they’re not abstracted from anything; they are an honest representation of what already exists, if only we take the time to look – so if anything they are extracted images. I guess in some ways we’re already aware of archive footage and even Roberto’s images, however beautiful even mesmerising, seem familiar. Yet the bus is different. To my mind the bus is the star and deserves to be at the heart of the installation and I’m not sure the films and the music should be experienced as separate fragments but more as facets of the central jewel – The Ghost Bus. I think it’s an extremely exciting project and I envy you all!

As a lone film maker – and a part-time one at that – and as a performer I really appreciate the hard work which was needed to get to the point of last Friday’s presentation. It was a brilliant evening and full of images and emotions which will stay with me for a long time. There’s so much potential there I’m sure you’re going to have great fun exploring the project even further. And I don’t need to tell you of the amazing resource you have right in the heart of Beeston and I raise my hat to you and your small team who achieve so much.

Melvyn Rawlinson,

Toton, Nottingham, UK

b DSCN0022 (640x480)


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