Dr. Srini Pillay –  Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School, Psychiatrist, brain-imaging researcher, author, friend and fellow artist – sent me exciting news about his NeuroBusiness Group (NBG) which has been nominated to Training Industry’s WatchList of the Top 20 Movers and Shakers in Leadership Development in the world. I send my congratulations to Srini Pillay and his team. I’m pleased to honour this great achievement with one of my recent artworks ( I know that Srini likes this picture I took from a waste-container in Amsterdam City center ). 

 Roberto Alborghetti Laceractions Amsterdam II (7)

Srini Pillay and his team wrote me: “We are delighted to share some fantastic news with you. After only 48 weeks as a start-up, NeuroBusiness Group (NBG) has been nominated to Training Industry’s WatchList of the Top 20 Movers and Shakers in Leadership Development in the world. We are very excited about this recognition – based on new and innovative service offerings, unique approach to leadership development solutions, commitment to thought leadership and quality of initial clients – as well as the quality of our company in this category which includes such notable firms as Miller Heiman, Inc. and Raytheon Professional Services, LLC.”

Srini Pillay and his NBG team say: “In the past year, we have developed more than 300 learning modules (of 1-6 hours in length each), filed three technology patents, developed four divisions of NBG and attracted a wide variety of diverse clientele worldwide. We are grateful to our clients for recognizing our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge approaches that integrate brain science, organizational psychology, and results-driven business research. We are also grateful to our partners who are such a vital part of our ongoing commitment to improving the quality of lives of all people within and outside of corporations. Our technology partners have been instrumental in allowing us to tie all of our learning to business impact – watch out for our new enterprise system coming to beta in April 2013. We look forward to keeping you in the loop with some very exciting new developments ahead… ”


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SRINIVASAN PILLAY, M.D. CEO: NeuroBusiness Group; Assistant Clinical Professor: Harvard Medical School; Author: Life Unlocked: 7 Revolutionary Lessons to Overcome Fear (Rodale, 2010), Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders (FT Press, 2011); The Science Behind The Law of Attraction (NBG, 2011)


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