Guest writer: Marco Rossi

Pupils as artists – and art critics – for a day. It happened at “Colors of an Apocalypse” exhibition which is goin’ on (until January 15, 2013) at the beautiful Aldobrandesca Fortress in Piancastagnaio ( Tuscany, Siena ). The third class students of Primary School “Mazzi”, guided by teachers Maria Rita and Maria Elena, participated in a creative experience investigating and exploring Roberto Alborghetti artworks displayed in seven rooms at the medieval castle. The same happened to more than a thousand students who have already visited the exhibition showing forty works (canvases, lithographs, collages and silk scarves) about “the decomposition of publicity posters” and “urban signs”. Armed with scratchpad, pencils and crayons, the students have first met Roberto Alborghetti for an introductory meeting and then they entered between the exhibition halls, accompanied by the author of “lacer / actions”, so they are called the works on display. Roberto Alborghetti  artistic language – all his realistic images are taken from torn and decomposed advertising posters we may see along the city streets – struck and fascinated students, who worked on colors and shapes.  


Each student has reinterpreted an image (see photo-gallery) writing personal emotions and impressions. The result was an extraordinary document how eyes and mind have perceived and seen every single images. It was also possible to compile a ranking about the images that most impressed the kids imagination. At the top there is the lithograph introduced by an haiku: “Dark night / Snowflakes and Frost / before the  New Day.” The pupils were very impressed by the contrast of the colors and the “red light blade” which seems – according to the impressions – “an eye of a dragon.” Another wrote: “I like it, but it scares me.” And again: “It’s a very beautiful picture! It recalls me the first time I was born …” Compelling and funny comments coming from spontaneous hearts.


  1. This is the miracle of encouraging creative expression. Thank you for sharing so largely, Roberto. We are all, everyone who reads your blog as well as all the children whose lives you touch, very blessed.

    1. Thank you so much Meredith! All this creativity is always a gift for me. Children are so impressed by colors and shapes and this experience at the castle is really a wonderful lesson for me! I’m astonished by the way children see, de-construct and re-construct my images…

  2. What a great idea! They’re all so beautiful. I keep studying each one. I loved the colors they used. They were moved by your work, it’s crystal clear. I also loved their words. “It’s a very beautiful picture! It recalls me the first time I was born” is amazing. Do you have any other favorite “written” impressions? T.

    1. Thank you so much Theadora for your nice and compelling comment! Yes, this is a great experience for me and in fact children were really moved by works. Their eyes were full of joy and surprise to be surrounded by colors and colors I catched in a random way and then reproduced on canvases… And they began to tell their emotions and impressions… Each drawing was “explained” by words, spontaneous comment or thoughts. They are in Italian, but if you like I could translate them in English for you and for all our fellow bloggers… Thank you!

  3. I am right there with Theadora on this. What a wonderful experience for the children and YOU to explore your work through their artistic expression and interpretation. I too would love to see read more of what the children wrote too. Bravo Roberto you are a talented and wonderful man.

    1. Thank you so much Lanier! I wish to really deserve your beautiful words! Yes, it was a wonderful experience watching my activity through children’s eyes and words. I think it was a sort of lesson of life. Children comments and impressions are natural, spontaneous and free. And they are sincere, terribly sincere…


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