Sweet child,




limply resting against cool plaster.

Grandma’s Purple Quilt.


Sunset burnished hills.

Lavender Dusk settles in.

fallen soldiers weep.

*_* sigh.


Yin/yang poster world

grabbing blurs of yesterday.

Flowing thought bleeds ink.


© Artwork Copyright Roberto Alborghetti

© Poem Copyright~Meredith

This is the third composition created by fellow blogger, Meredith (healingminds@WordPress.com) for a four composition series titled “Dreams & Lacer/actions: Therapeutical Haiga”. Meredith – who lives in Lafayette, Indiana (USA) – shared a preview of my most recent images taken from torn posters and cities walls during my trips in the Netherlands and Italy. And, she began to create verses…

The third “Lacer/actions” art piece which inspired Meredith’s verses doesn’t come from torn posters. It is a sort of special preview about a new direction, or section or a new kind of images concerning my research of urban signs… I will talk about it very soon. I saw this “visual situation” in Milan. As all my pieces, it’s natural, realistic and not manipulated or enhanced image.

Meredith wrote this note about her verses and my art: 

I have very mixed feelings about them because they feel very transparent to me.  But, that is  art, and as I send this off I feel a sense of sending myself.  This picture touches me deeply, and I decided to not to use any other text than the haiku.”

I thank Meredith for this collaboration which is also a particular experimentation based on colors, images, words, thoughts, emotions and sensorial perception.



Meredith (www.healingminds.wordpress.com) writes from a rich text based in theater, art, and design training. Also rooted from the soil of personal experience, Meredith writes about mental health and its challenges; her value of developing creative pursuits as part of the equation for living a satisfying life in the face of mental illness and recovery include yoga, dance, writing, and photography. 

Meredith’s professional background began in directing and choreography.  Her education in dance and theater lent equal weight to creating movement and learning projects for school children, grades K thru 12, and mentoring independent theater projects for high school students. When mental illness changed the landscape of her life, Meredith returned to school and redirected her passions toward quieter pursuits in architectural design.  Most recently, her love for writing and well-being generate roomy, new ideas about beauty and life, and she writes about mindful living from a deeper understanding.


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