In Carcaci, a small village of the municipality of Centuripe (Enna) in Sicily, has been discovered a prehistoric settlement of national archaeological importance. It is a cemetery complex consisting of a system of nine chamber tombs carved into the rock. The rectangular ones most likely date back to the Iron Age, while the circular ones date back to the Bronze Age. Others, however, are certainly even older.

The discovery, which happened thanks to the Mayor of the Municipality of Centuripe, Salvatore La Spina, and thanks to volunteers from the town’s associations, is located in a hilly area, privately owned, which presupposes the presence of a real village yet to be excavated.

The archaeological area is located adjacent to a territory – of high ecological value – belonging to the municipality of Randazzo, but territorially to the municipality of Centuripe, where the Srr Catania province north will build its own public landfill. Free from particular constraints, the area is however crossed by a water infrastructure (which from Ancipa and Pozzillo brings water to the Simeto and Catania) and by several streams. The project involves private land, mostly organic pastures.

For the mayor of Centuripe, Salvatore La Spina, “the exceptional discovery adds value to the rich archaeological heritage already present in our area. And as regards the landfill, I find it absurd that one can conceive and plan such a structure without having first checked the territory, which is already important, not only from an ecological point of view, but above all from an agricultural and zootechnical point of view”. The exceptional archaeological discovery could now be enhanced and promoted on a tourist and cultural level, for the city of Centuripe and for Sicily.


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