The relaxing and mysterious music created by Flute Ninja (笛忍者) – composer, artist and musician – meets my “Lacer/Actions” works in a videoclip titled “Falling Snow”. The clip presents an original Flute Ninja (笛忍者) composition accompanied by an image series from my photo collection of torn and decomposed publicity posters. The 21 works have white and green as prevailing colors, suggesting a sort of snow scenes from a winter garden… All the images come from a unique ripped poster that I saw some months ago along a street in Milan (Italy).  

I’m very glad about this collaboration created in distance thanks to the web: Flute Ninja (笛忍者) lives in Alabama (USA), he is composer, poet, shakuahachi player, martial artist (he enjoys drawing and painting nature and landscapes; his inspiration came from Bob Ross). Through  his YouTube channel NinjutsuLives, he spreads his passion for Japanese music and instruments as shakuahachi.

In “Falling Snow” composition (lenght: 3 minutes and 59 seconds). Flute Ninja (笛忍者) plays shinobue, a transverse Japanese bamboo flute which creates ethereal soundscapes. So welcome to this sensorial experience for ears, eyes, heart and mind… An invitation to stop for 4 minutes and go slowly… 

© Roberto Alborghetti



2 pensieri riguardo “LIKE A GARDEN IN WINTER…: FLUTE NINJA (笛忍者) + 21 MACRO PHOTOS

  1. Wonderful 🙂👍
    I like that all the images come from one source which helps to create a more unified video. The transitions and music also work for me. It’s great to be introduced to the Flute Ninja alongside your work. I hope we can see more collaborations in the future. Best wishes to both of you, Mr C 🙂

    1. Wonderful comment Mr C! Great, you made my day! Yes, this is a classic way to do videos with my photography. The images are clear and slow, inviting to take life in a easy way. Yes, I will forward your words to Flute Ninja. Our collaboration happened on the web.


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